Solar Surge Protector
  • Solar Surge ProtectorSolar Surge Protector
  • Solar Surge ProtectorSolar Surge Protector
  • Solar Surge ProtectorSolar Surge Protector
  • Solar Surge ProtectorSolar Surge Protector

Solar Surge Protector

ICHYTI Brands Electric Buy Discount solar surge protector has rich export experience. Our main market is the Middle East, Southeast Asia, America and some European countries. In order to maintain the leading position in the electrical industry, we constantly increase and update production equipment, constantly improve technology, use the most advanced testing instruments, so that our products can reach a higher quality level, and provide impeccable fast delivery service.

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Product Description

China ICHYTI Wholesale solar surge protector is a surge protector that has undergone both primary and secondary tests. The first level experiment refers to an experiment conducted according to the nominal discharge current In: 1.2/50 pulse working voltage and maximum pulse current Iimp specified in the specifications, while the second level experiment is an experiment conducted based on the first level experiment and the maximum pulse current Iimp specified in the specifications. T1 and T2 surge protectors are a general term for surge protectors, which are designed based on primary and secondary impulse tests.


ICHYTI solar surge protector Parameter (Specification)

Product Model





Rated Frequency

One port

SPD Category

Combined type

Test Category




Maximum Continuous

Operating Voltage Uc



Voltage Protection Level Up(8/20ps)



Nominal Discharge Current ln(8/20ps)



Maximum Discharge

Current lmax(8/20ps)


40 kA

Impulse current limp (10/350ps)



Response Time tA



36x90x80                                  54x90x80

Failure Indication

Green: Normal Red: Failure

Sectional Area Of Wires


Installation Method

35mm standard rail

Working Environment


-40℃~ + 85℃

Sheathing Material


Protection Level


Executive Standard

I EC 61643-31

ICHYTI solar surge protector Feature

 It can be widely used in different installation situations.

 It is suitable for installation in areas below the LPZ0B system partition, and can be installed on three-phase five wire cabinets in construction projects from the outside to the inside to avoid interference from lightning currents. It can also be installed next to the device to limit voltage.

 It can ensure low voltage protection level at the same time, and will not continuously leak and current.


ICHYTI solar surge protector Details


ICHYTI solar surge protector Dimensions and wiring


ICHYTI solar surge protector FAQ

Q: How do I choose a DC SPD for my solar system?

A: In order to select the appropriate SPD model for your PV system, it is important to consider the following factors: the temperature at which the SPD will operate, the voltage of the system, the short circuit rating of the SPD, the waveform that needs to be protected against, and the minimum discharge current required by the SPD.

Q: Do you need SPD for solar?

A: To safeguard a home from transient surges in a residential solar power system equipped with microinverters and short DC cabling but longer AC cables, it is recommended to install surge protective devices at the combiner box.

Q: What is SPD in a solar system?

A: CHYT Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) are commonly used in solar power systems, specifically in photovoltaic (PV) or DC systems, to safeguard against electrical surges and spikes. These surges can be caused by a variety of factors, including lightning strikes. SPDs offer a reliable shield against such harmful electrical disturbances, ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of the solar power system.


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