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Solar Dc Fuse Holder
  • Solar Dc Fuse HolderSolar Dc Fuse Holder
  • Solar Dc Fuse HolderSolar Dc Fuse Holder
  • Solar Dc Fuse HolderSolar Dc Fuse Holder
  • Solar Dc Fuse HolderSolar Dc Fuse Holder

Solar Dc Fuse Holder

ICHYTI is China manufacturer & supplier who mainly produces solar dc fuse holder with many years of experience. Hope to build business relationship with you. ALL of our goods have acquired TUV,CE,3C,CQC certification ICHYTI Brands use 3D software UG to design and develop our product

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Product Description

China Factory ICHYTI Wholesale Low Price solar dc fuse holder is used to protect the circuit overload and short circuit current in solar photovoltaic collector boxes and other DC circuits.


ICHYTI solar dc fuse holder Parameter (Specification)

Product Model






Rated Current (A)

1AZ2AZ3AZ4A, 5AZ6A, 8A, 10A, 12A, 15A, 20Az25AZ30Az32A

Rated Voltage(V DC)



Rail installation

Fuse link size(mm2)



ICHYTI solar dc fuse holder Feature

The solar photovoltaic power generation system is composed of multiple photovoltaic panels, which are connected in series to form a photovoltaic series and parallel to form a photovoltaic array. A large amount of current generated by photovoltaic arrays will be concentrated through photovoltaic junction boxes and transmitted to photovoltaic inverters, which convert direct current into alternating current that can be used in public power grids or household appliances.


ICHYTI solar dc fuse holder Details


ICHYTI solar dc fuse holder Dimensions and wiring

ICHYTI solar dc fuse holder FAQ

Q: What fuse do you use for solar panels?

A: When connecting solar panels in parallel, it is necessary to install a 30-amp fuse for each panel. However, if the panels are less than 50 watts and use 12 gauge wires, then 20 amp fuses must be used instead.

Q: Why are DC fuses bigger than AC fuses?

A: The heat generated in a DC fuse in a given time period is greater than that of an AC fuse with the same current rating due to the fact that the effective or equivalent value of AC is only 70.7% of DC. As a result, AC fuses are smaller in size than DC fuses.

Q: What is the difference between DC MCB and DC fuse?

A: The primary distinction between fuses and circuit breakers lies in their reusability. While circuit breakers can be used multiple times, fuses can only be employed once. Circuit breakers safeguard homes and equipment from overloading and short circuits, while fuses only protect devices and homes from overloading.

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